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What to do next?

What to do next? As lockdown eases and Christian youth work moves into a new season this is a question I hear a lot of people asking. I would love to chat with you and support you through your questions, to help you flourish. Here are some starter ideas...

  • Go back to basic principles, don't just try and repeat the past. Ask yourself 'Why did I start youth ministry in the first place?' or 'Why does this church or Christian youth project exist?'

  • As your young people. Even if it is just one or two, they are the ones who have lived through lockdown and know it what it's like to be a young person. Listen and learn

  • Encourage your volunteers. Many of them will be anxious about returning to youth work so ensure you know what those worries are and take time to work through them. Others will be fired up and keen so be ready to delegate to them and let them fly.

  • Do the small things well, don't try to start up everything you were doing in May 2020 by the end of May 2021

  • Look after yourself. Be honest about your own anxieties, hopes and fears. Find people you can be honest and real with, who will love you and support you.

  • Grieve for what was lost, for who was lost in lockdown, for all the endings and deaths. It's only after grieving loss can we be open to growing into the future.

  • Pray, as you can, as you learned during lockdown. Seek God's guiding Spirit.

I offer you this prayer,

God of life and death, light and dark

Guide me and all whom I guide

So that your life will grow in me and around me.



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