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Your own young people are important resources and the ‘Grow Your Own’ programme will help churches or Christian youth projects develop them into leadership.

As young people develop leadership they will explore the way of Jesus, develop self-confidence and grow their youth work skills. Over years they will stay on in your church or youth project to become adult volunteers, trustees, interns or even your own full-time youth worker. At a time when there is a shortage of applicants for youth work jobs ‘growing your own’ is a proven model.


Paul will equip you to accompany your young people, improve their skills and inspire them to take on more responsibilities. Youth Work Journeys also runs a residential weekend with other young leaders to deepen their Christian knowledge, improve their youth work skills and increase their ability to plan, run and review your Church youth work programme.

Delivery is flexible and could be held monthly or weekly, usually based around observing your young people in action and providing training on-site (coronavirus limitations will be fully respected!). Additional online training may be run in accordance to PVG guidelines. Courses can last from one term to years, as your journey with Youth Work Journeys grows.

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland

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Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland

Grow Your Own Youth Worker

Helping You Develop Young People Into Leaders

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland
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2020 - 2021 Rates  

A tailor-made programme to develop your young people into young leaders, who can then become adult volunteers, interns or even your own youth worker

Packages are costed at an hourly rate, with packages constructed to last from a month to a year.  Costs will be discussed with Paul as you design your Growing Your Own package.

Free initial two-hour consultation.

Any travel expenses are covered by the church / agency or worker.

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland

Paul helped me grow from a young camper to a knowledgeable leader. He helped me build confidence and was very understanding when I had any troubles. He helped me find what I was good at and is a good role model to follow.


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