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Youth Work Journeys mentoring enables you as a youth worker to reflect on and integrate your work and Christian character.

It is particularly helpful if you are exploring how to grow and develop, facing challenging opportunities or going through difficult times in your life or work.  This begins in your own personal experience of youth work or youth ministry and Paul will help you navigate these issues through discussion, reading and journaling while drawing on spiritual disciplines such as silence, solitude, fasting, meditation, Bible study and celebration.

Mentoring is always one-to-one and usually lasts between one and two hours. It is not line management or counselling and while all discussions remain confidential you are encouraged to communicate with your own line manager or seek counselling, if necessary.  Frequency of sessions is discussed with you but monthly is often a helpful way to start.


Towards the end of every year with Youth Work Journeys we will have a retreat to integrate growth in your spiritual life with your improving skills and practice in Christian youth work. This will be shared with other participants and be a time where God will bless our prayers, discussions, silences and sharing.


Youth Work Journeys will supply resource material based on your training needs.

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland

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Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland


Enabling Reflection and Integration

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland
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2020 - 2021 Rates  

A one-to-one service for more experienced youth workers to reflect on and integrate their own work and Christian character

Packages vary but are based on the following charge per hour:

1-10 Sessions

£40 Per Hour

11-20 Sessions

£35 Per Hour

Further charges arranged in discussion with Youth Work Journeys

First consultation free.

Any travel expenses are covered by the church / agency or worker.

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland

Paul is one of the most gifted youth workers that I have ever encountered. His care for and support of young people is there for all to see, as he seeks out the best in them and for them. It is because of his thoughtful friendship, consistent care and warm Christian values that he has developed (at ‘exp’ in Dunoon) one of the finest and most fruitful youth work projects in Scotland. As a mentor, ‘he’s got it in spades!”


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