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Youth Work Journeys is a Christian youth work training and mentoring programme. It will develop young people into leadership, equip volunteers and workers and mentor more experienced workers.

Working with young people is a long-term relational process that requires long-term relational support so we will share this journey with you. All our work is tailor-made for your setting and designed in discussion with you and your leadership. This investment in your workers and volunteers will help them feel valued, perform better and be more likely to stay and flourish in God.

Youth Work Journeys is run by Paul Beautyman, a Christian youth worker and trainer for 26 years.  He has developed young people into leaders, trained interns, taught students, equipped volunteers and mentored Christian youth workers. Working across Scotland he has served churches, set up successful youth projects and worked in partnership with a range of Christian youth work agencies. He is currently working part-time on a PhD studying how to support Christian youth workers.

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About Youth Work Journeys

Christian Youth Work Training And Mentoring Programme

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland

I know from the inside what it is like to struggle and simply survive as a youth worker and also what it is like to flourish and see God blessing the work. My vision is now to help youth workers, trainees and volunteers in all these situations, especially when they have more questions than answers.


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