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No Easy Answers

“Youth Work Journeys isn’t about quick and easy answers, it’s about travelling together.”

I sit comfortably with this statement for myself as I know it is true, yet I wish I could provide more answers for the churches and youth workers I now journey alongside. Especially now as covid has forced unwanted change on all of us and it’s hard to see opportunities amongst the heartache. Everyone I speak to is asking questions about youth work in covid or what it might be like after covid. It’s hard, it hurts and I wish I had more answers.

In it all some things don’t change, and I still believe in a ‘more than’ vision for the Church. More than a Sundays only focus to all week activities. More than a worship focus to include mission, service, education and fellowship as core tasks of the Church. More than a minister or staff member focus to enabling and encouraging every member.

As I hold to these visions, these hopes, today I find myself struggling to create these resources

~ Church at home with young people and children

~ Church outside with young people and children

~ Helping young people explore their online world, doing the e-circle online without just offering more zoom meetings

And in this creative struggle I find my way in God’s world. I would love to share this journey with you, so contact me and we can chat.


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