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June 24 YWJ Retreat

A retreat is

A time of silence to confront the storms in your life

A time of solitude to share with myself and others

A time of simplicity to examine the complexity of your living and working and your believing

In short it is a set-apart time for you to honestly meet God and for God to meet you.

This on-line retreat will be in your own place, based on material I will send to you beforehand. Some sessions will be shared, others will an opportunity for you to be in solitude outside or in the comfort of your own home. The day will cost £40 and for more details or to book up please message me on FB or email me at Once you book up I will send out your zoom invitation. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Youth Work Journeys

Bank code 08 90 66 Sort code 0900 6788


10.30 Zooming In Together

10.45 Welcome and Prayers

11.00 Silence and Resting Meditation led by Paul

Led meditation on Luke 1:39-45

11.15 Sharing (this is optional and sharing nothing is entirely fine)

Is there anything that might it be helpful for us to know about you as we share in this day together?

What are you bringing to today? This might be a question, a concern, tiredness, joy or guilt.

11.30 Silence and Walking (if you can do this in your own place!)

Led meditation on Matthew 11:7-10

12:30 Lunch (bring your own!)

1:00 Silence and Scripture Meditation led by Paul

Led meditation on Luke 2: 25-32

2:00 Tea Break

2:15 Staying and sharing ...or silence, you choose Optional exercise led by Paul

Led meditation on Luke 19:1-10

3:00 Clashes and Connections. Discussion led by Paul

How your Christian youth-work relates to your life and faith. Staying and sharing or exploring in silence and solitude

3:30 Preparing to return; what will you take back? What will you leave? Who will you connect with?

Prayers, blessing and sending



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