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What keeps you going?

Last week I was out running, on the hill tracks I love around Cowal. The hill I was on wasn't too steep but I was struggling. Then around the corner came two people I knew, on their mountain bikes. They stopped ahead of me and one shouted 'Come on, get your knees up!' while the other said 'Well done!'. So I kept on, laughed as we passed and headed on.

Inside, I know I responded better to the second person, the encouragement of 'well done' rather then the vaguely critical 'Come on, get your knees up!'. It's always been like that and over the years I have come to understand myself better. Hopefully I understand other youth workers well too and know what suits them and suits me as I train, support and mentor them.

I wonder what suits you? And the youth workers you know? Contact me and let me know how I can help.


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