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Response To Lock Down

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Response To Lock Down

Recently the Scottish Government announced that schools will return to normal on August 11, if current progress on virus suppression continues. As young people have been away from school since March 23 this is a significant and challenging moment. It will probably mean that youth groups will also start up at this time - an end to playing chubby bunnies on zoom!

So here are my thoughts on young peoples’ possible responses to lockdown as they return to school or church youth groups.


Returning to busy social settings and wondering how to relate to people again


Ready to start and jump back into life


At all the new


At not keeping up with work due to lack of computer access


Living with the legacy of domestic abuse


At not keeping up a Christian lifestyle in lockdown


Due to personal loss or bereavements


That the world is not as safe as they thought


At God not answering prayers


How could all this happen


Wondering how to keep going with good things that developed in lockdown like a stronger prayer life, contributing to care of their community or the improved social media work of your church.

No doubt you will be aware of other issues. As always, it will be good practice to listen to your young people, not expecting them to be the same as they were when lockdown began and slowly re-build your relationship with them. As you do, encourage them and help them have more control in their lives and in the life of your club or church.

Even if they say they are fine, take time to open up these issues through your conversations, Bible studies, prayers and club programmes.


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