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Youth Work Journeys

Youth Worker Scotland

Youth Work Journeys is a Christian youth work training and mentoring programme. It will develop young people into leadership, equip volunteers and workers and mentor more experienced workers.

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YWJ new ways for 2023

Youth Work Journeys is committed to providing the best mentoring and training for Christian youth workers. ​Therefore in September 2023 I will be launching new resources alongside improving my existing range of resources. 

All Youth Work Journeys' work will continue to be tailor-made for your setting and designed in discussion with you and your leadership. This investment in your workers and volunteers will help them feel valued, perform better and be more likely to stay and flourish in God.

Youth Work Journeys Services

Youth Work Training & Mentoring Programme Scotland

Paul was a great mentor to me during my youth work career. He saw qualities and skills I couldn’t always see in myself, he gave me opportunities to succeed and supported me when things didn’t work out as planned to help me grow in to a confident, reflective youth worker.


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